Mother Wassima, a powerful hoodoo woman and close friend of mine, who comes from a long line of traditional hoodoo practitioners. And by traditional, I don’t mean these half wit folks reading a few books or internet pages, then calling themselves traditional; or some yankees taking a little class and memorizing a book, then trying to extol upon the mysteries of southern hoodoo. No, Mother Wassima, she’s the real shit.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share a video she made. As you can see, the thing’s she’s using in Hoodoo are quite different from what you hear about on the net. Now everyone wants to worry about a fancy expensive oil or powder. That’s all fine and dandy, being urban hoodoo and all; but Wassima and I come from a different school of thought. We dig our shit up from the ground, we go down to the grocery store, we’re out picking up bones and dirt; -we’re not out spending half our life savings ordering over priced perfumed oils, powders that are mainly talc, or fancy doo’dads to do our hoodoo.

Anyhow, check out that video – and hopefully she’ll put up some more soon.