Fairly regularly, I have a friend or client asking what they can do to help a sick pet.

Well, here’s my answer….

You go to St. Francis

Get a picture or statue of St. Francis, and if you’ve got a photo of your pet; wrap it around the statue or picture (or if you’ve got a big frame, just tape it to the back, facing forward).

Take a brown candle, and a white candle – on the brown one, write “St. Francis, come to (insert pet’s name)” – on the white candle, write “(pet’s name), be healed”

Set these two candles on a plate in front of the image of St. Francis, and have them burn side by side, so they’ll melt together as one.

Sprinkle some salt counterclockwise around the candles “to drive away the ill”; sprinkle some brown sugar clockwise around the candle – “to bring a remedy”

Let this all burn down. Then take a pinch of the salt, brown sugar, white wax, and brown wax, and tie it up into a little bitty mojo, and put it on the animal’s collar. Make sure it’s small enough that it won’t impede the animal’s movement, and place it so the animal can’t get it and eat it.

If your animal doesn’t wear a color – you could hang it over where the animal sleeps, or just attack it to the image of St. Francis with the animal’s picture. If you worry that your pet might be able to get it anywhere else; just go straight for the St. Francis image method.

Take the remainder of the salt, brown sugar, and wax to a church, and put it under a tree, or in the bushes.