Yep, Piss

You know, Urine, Pee-pee…

Urine has been used in Hoodoo for a log time as a cleansing agent. Most folks have replaced it with ammonia now; but back in the day, the first morning’s piss was what was used.

The piss of a 10 yr old boy was considered to be the most potent for uncrossing.

One thing folks used to do is use the first morning’s piss as a scrub for the doorstep; to neutralize any powders that might have been placed there, as well as to bring good luck into the house. We’re all familiar with the brick dust scrub (or at least I hope), and I’ve known folks to combine the two for a good doorstep scrub.

Just a note of precaution – if you go out and whiz all over your doorsteps, you’re probably gonna get arrested. And to keep down the smell, if you want to practice this old hoodoo technique, you might mix in some Florida Water to keep the stank down.

Yep, Piss…..Wondrous Piss