Here where I’m from, there’s some old folklore about the Bluejays. They say that bird is very rare on the weekends, because it carries down kindling to hell, so the Devil can stoke his fires.

Some folks give the reason being that the Bluejays at one point sold themselves to the Devil; but most don’t really have an explanation.

This particular belief seems to stem from the Ozarkers folklore, but it is found amongst hoodoo practitioners in the area as well; showing a crossover between the Hillfolk beliefs and the African Americans.


Well, this belief inspired me. If the bluejay goes to hell on the weekend to help the Devil (and I must admit – I’ve only ever seen two bluejays on the weekend; I started paying attention once I heard of this belief), reckon we can give them a message to take with us?

The bluejays are also said to bread off sticks for the wicked people on earth to burn; an old song recording by Vance Randolph,  memorializes this:

“Don’t you hear that jaybird call?

Don’t you hear them dead sticks fall?

He’s a’throwin’ down firewood for we-all

All on a Friday morning”

Well, if the bluejay is in contact with the Devil, and knows who the wicked people are; then obviously He knows who’s pissing me off, and could go carry a message to the Devil for me.

So, I started feeding bluejays and praying over the seeds; talking to them when I saw them. I later found out at least one other practitioner had the same idea.

Be nice to the bluejays, they talk to the Devil…..