The above photos are of Bojangles, who was an orphaned possum I took in a few years ago. Two possums were found, their mother missing, likely killed by a car, and my cousin’s employer had taken them in. They worked at a pet store, and in the course of events, my sister took over care of the possums.

Problem was, Bojangles wasn’t nice like his sibling. His sibling was more tame than a hamster, but you couldn’t even change Bojangles water, or he’d attack you.

Well, I went and saw the possums, and sure enough, Bojangles was going on a rampage. Well, I’m a fairly knowledgeable Hoodoo, and I know that all Possums are natural born hoodoos, so I decide to have a talk with Bojangles. Well, long story short, He wouldn’t bite me, attack me, and took to me very well.

I loved that little possum, he’d craw up and nest in my hair, and hiss at anyone or anything that got too close to me. Bojangles was a jealous fellow, and didn’t like to share attention, and didn’t want any damn body near him but me.

But alas, while Bojangles sister grew into an adult possum, Bojangles died a week after I took care of him. It was pretty shitty. I mean how many Hoodoo doctors have a tame possum that sits on their shoulders while they read cards?

Possums, as I said before, are powerful Hoodoo workers; they can cross you, or uncross you; they can cure you, or lay you down. See, Possums are good friends with Ole Death, and Possums know a lot about Ole Death’s secrets and tricks.

Possums eat snakes, and we all know that snakes have a lot of hoodoo in them. Possums ain’t even troubled by rattlesnake venom, copperhead, or cottonmouths. There are numerous Hoodoos from way back when, that often ate snakes for power….maybe they got the idea from the Possums.

Yep, I bet Possums are in the top 5 of Hoodoo Doctors


Requiescat in Pace, Bojangles