There’s a long list of things you could go through to determine who would be the best root doctor for you to go to.

First of all, you need to do some study worker on the nature of Hoodoo itself. You won’t be able to tell the bullshit from the bullshitters if you don’t know your subject matter. So read up on Hoodoo, watch videos, ask questions. After you’ve got a decent working knowledge of what to expect, here’s a list of questions you should ask them.


1. Are they religious? Traditional Hoodoo practitioners will all be adherents to some form of Christianity. Anyone who isn’t, is not a traditional worker. That’s not to say that they aren’t good workers, but to be true to tradition, all the old school workers were Christian. I’ve met a nice number of knowledgeable, competent workers who weren’t Christians.

2. Do they answer your questions? Do they have some form of contact for you to question them without asking you to pay them? (for those of you with questions; my email is

3. Do they claim to have psychic abilities since childhood? There’s a whole mess of’em on the net, all claiming the same thing, to a point that it just seems questionable. Don’t base your opinion on them by their own word. Base your opinion by YOUR EXPERIENCE with them.

4. Do they have any articles, videos, etc. that you can read or watch to see their competency? This is so important, especially as mentioned above in knowing your subject. You can compare notes.

5. Do they make any damn sense at all? If what they say just doesn’t sit right with you, go elsewhere. You don’t want to be dealing with a blockhead.

6. Where did they learn? Whom did they learn from? Was it an actual person or a correspondence course?

7. How long have they been a root doctor?

8. Can they provide you any references? Be careful with references from just emails, or messengers. Folks can easily make up multiple emails for their own references. If given an email, ask if you can call the person – and make damn sure the number is different from your workers. I’ve known quite a few folks to pull a scheme like that, being their own references.

9. Ask them if they’ll show you proof that they did the work. So many people send off their money, and never have any real proof that their work has been done. I personally make it a habit of either taking photos of the work, or making a private video explaining the work.

10. Do you perform readings? How? etc.

11. Really ask yourself – do you feel comfortable with them? If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable with any particular hoodoo worker, you should find another worker.

12. If they’re white, and make claims of hereditary practices, be very suspicious of it, until it can be proven. Everyone wants to make a granny store now, and the people who really DO come from a practicing family get the bad end of the stick, for the birdshit everyone else seems to be spreading.

13. Consider how much they charge; and if they give you a “guarantee” that their work will come to pass. The only person who can guarantee an outcome is God. Does that mean they shouldn’t get compensation for the work? By all means, no! The medical doctors still get paid for the work, regardless of the outcome.


Any of you have anything to add? leave a comment.