That’s a tough question to answer, because the opinions vary so wide across the board.

In my life as a worker, most folks come to me first for one of two reasons – love trouble, or they feel they’ve been cursed. So, let’s examine those two “aspects” a bit, and we should be able to flesh out a little meaning.

Love Trouble…

Why are you having trouble? Have you cheated on your spouse? Abused them? Have you lied, stolen, cheated on them, or anything of the sort? If you’ve done any of that, you might find a worker you can go to to mend things, but I won’t be one of them. The only way to fix love troubles in that area is to quit being a shitty person.

Did your partner leave you? Why? What could YOU have done that helped push them away? These are all important questions to consider. If you truly are heart broken, and have taken all normal measures to try and mend the relationship with no avail, you might find some success with a rootworker.

Are you not able to find someone? Examine yourself as a person first before you jump to magical means, because a less than appealing person isn’t going to be made a sex-god if they’re personality stinks (or if they stink, from lack of hygiene). If you’ve truly examine yourself, and made changes in a positive manner, and still would like and/or need some help, then you might consider a rootworker.


A lot of the people that come to me claiming to be cursed are definitely not cursed. Most of them just curse themselves by bad choices. You have to be really careful before going to a rootworker believing you’re cursed, because there are many out there who will take total advantage of you based off of your own fear.

Why do you think you’re cursed? What things have been going wrong in your life? Who could have cursed you? Do they have the necessary knowledge and ability to even curse you? If not, do they have access to someone who can? Could it be that you’re just having some regular bad luck? If you’re experiencing health problems you definitely need to see a doctor before you ever consider a rootworker, and any rootworker that advises you ignore the doctor, or the doctor’s recommendations is a shitty worker.

As you can see, there’s a lot of reflection that should be done before going to see a rootworker. You’d be amazed how many people who come to me with problems could have fixed the problems themselves if they’d have just stopped to think a little bit.

If you’ve considered all the possible normal fixes to your problem and have incorporated them with no success, then you might consider going to a rootworker.