Those of you who have had a reading with me know that my main method of divination is cartomancy. One of the differences between me and most card readers around now-a-days is that I don’t use tarot, I use a regular deck of playing cards. As for the car readers out there who use a regular deck of cards, most use the Lenormand or a similar system that uses only 36 cards, while there are some systems that use 42. I use 54 cards – the whole deck, plus 2 jokers.

I’ve taught the students in my Hoodoo Course the same method of card reading that I use. My particular method is not like any of the systems out there, and the only individuals who use my sister are those in my class, and those who have purchased my book

“Cartomancy: Divination with Playing Cards” basically teaches my exact method of divination, in a simple, easy to understand form. I’ve been reading with this particular system for quite a few years, and it’s been the best method that I have come across.

Krazyboytx has reviewed the book on the book order page, and I’m sure he’d be glad to give his personal opinion regarding the book if you’ll message him on youtube.