Here’s my list of things that I’ll barter with for services….

(And I do have quite a few clients, mainly single parents, who barter with me)

Tobacco Pipes – old or new, doesn’t matter.

Books – Catholic or Occult related, of any sort

Beads – preferably glass, wood, bone, or ceramic.

Mason Jars – of all shapes and sizes

Vials – and I really love the cobalt ones.

Walking canes

Aunt Jemima Dolls or jars, etc. – good for Madamas

Catholic stuff – bibles, books, saint medals, rosaries, etc.

Doctors bags – handy stuff for house calls.

Candle holders – can never have enough of those

Wooden boxes

Any cobalt glassware

old kitchen knives – not the new fangled ones

Skeleton keys

Horseshoe nails

pouches – leather, cloth, doesn’t matter

Anything Irish or Celtic – good stuff for my ancestor

Anything Native American – for the Indios

Picture frames

Frog or Toad stuff

Skulls – real or artificial, or anything with skull designs on it.

Corks – of all sizes.

Anything with Crows or Ravens on them; and a taxidermy crow specimen would be especially valued.

Anything Hindu – I can barter that stuff with another doctor I know, who loves Hindu stuff.

Statues of any deity, saint, etc. Statues of Crows, Ravens, Buzzards, Possums, Snakes, or Coyotes as well.

Statues of Indians


When it doubt, just ask me – I’m a tinker of sorts, collecting all sorts of stuff to use.

And I will barter for the Hoodoo Course as well