I thought I’d share a photograph showing a casting of my black cat bones for divination purposes. As far as I know, I’m the only person in my area who reads black cat bones, and I don’t know anyone on the internet who does – I’ve seen some folks mention the use of a bone or two in a set of pebbles, bones, stones, shells, etc.; but far as I’ve heard, I’m the only person who strictly reads with the a set that is entirely composed of black cat bones.

By using the cat bones, I can consult ancestral spirits for advice on situations, what type of works should be performed (if any) for specific situations, determine if a person has a hex or some supernatural influence upon them, etc. etc.

Black Cats have a lot of power in their bones, and make for marvelous divination tools. This particular set was prepared in a specific way, and the skull of the cat was specially prepared and placed in a particular spot on my ancestral altar, so that the cat can deliver messages from the ancestral spirits by relaying them through the bones.

I provide readings with the bones upon request, which includes a photograph report of the reading. Those of you interested can contact me through my consultation page.