I’m starting a little late this year

Many of you have already gotten year readings from me before I’ve even posted about it; and are familiar from previous posts and videos over the last few years.

I wasn’t going to offer them this year, outside of the individuals who had caught me in December to do one.

Year Readings include

Answers to personal questions

The general scope of the year regarding various aspects and categories of your life – love, employment, finances, etc. etc. As well as prescriptions personalized to the individual to help bring in the most good for the year; avoid as much of the negative as possible; and counteract any possible problems that appear in the reading.

Year Readings are $60; if you’d like to schedule one; email me at drcorbeaux@gmail.com

I’m only going to do 15 to 20 this year; as they’ve become a lot to handle over the previous years.