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Rob Chapman’s Charm Book

Friend of mine, Rob Chapman, of

put out an awesome chapbook of charms and cures in the Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow tradition


Here’s the link

Also be sure to check out his website listed above. It’s the best website on the net discussing true, traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow.


I was made aware of a couple of errors in my Cartomancy book; so I’ve re-done it, and it’s once again available here:

Santisima Muerte Books

For those of you who follow my youtube channel

you’re aware of the information I’ve put out regarding the Santisima Muerte.

Recently, I published a couple books on for those of you interested. One is a prayer book, the other, a book of love spells, as this seems to be the most requested information. So, for those of you interested, here’s the “Santisima Muerte Prayer Book.”

And here’s the “Santisima Muerte Love Spells” book.

I’m working on a few more pamphlets for the Santisima Muerte and other saints, so I’ll keep you all posted.


A lot of you have have wondered about the method I used for divination with normal playing cards.

Well, I put my exact method down in a book, so I could share it with the students of my Hoodoo Course.

For those of you interested, here’s the link: