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Boveda Espiritual part 1

The Peg Leg Ghost

Apparently I had an Uncle a ways back who once got into a fight with another man over my Uncle’s girlfriend. My uncle took off His wooden leg, beat the piss out of the man with it, then tried to escape capture by row boat across the river.


I wonder if they buried the wooden leg with him. That’d be a hell of an addition to my ancestor altar.


Wonder if He’d come up and beat the hell out of people with it from beyond the grave….


Requiescat in Pace.

One thing that a lot of people who take up conjure or similar practices seem to forget is interference from ancestors. Many of them will have an ancestor altar, make offerings, and even clean graves, but they never take into consideration the possibility that when they’re conjuring for a particular person, or thing and nothing’s budging, no matter what you do, that one or more of the ancestors might be blocking your road, so to speak.

If you believe your ancestors can intercede for you, then why don’t you ever consider that they could also impede you? Now granted, they might be blocking your road for a very good reason; but at the same time we have to consider that sometimes, the ancestors just don’t like your choices because of personal reasons.

One of the most common that I see is when individuals do work to bring back a former lover, or obtain a new one. Everything has been done, numerous people consulted, divination seems good, but something just ain’t right. When that happens, I automatically suspect an ancestor blocking it. Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily any smarter, or have given up your former prejudices. Maybe your great grandma Hattie thinks that girl you’ve got your eye on is nothing but a dime bag whore. Or maybe, Uncle Bill is a stern evangelical and won’t have His niece messing around with an idolatrous pagan.

There are also certain saints, folk saints, etc. that pay very close attention to the opinions of your ancestors. Santisima Muerte is the first to come to mind. If you treat your elders (living), and ancestors (dead) badly, she surely will give the thumbs down. Why your elders? Because they’re almost ghosts. Why your ancestors? Because they’re the dead, and the Santisima Muerte is, in effect, the “Mother” of the dead.

What does a person do if they suspect an ancestor to be interfering? Well, you go to the ancestor, try to talk them into not “throwing stones in your passway.” Bribe them if you have to, but at the same time, they might have very good reasons, and likely are seeing “further down the road” than you are, so don’t come in like a spring rooster thinking you’re going to rule the hen house.

Some folks have ancestors that are openly hostile to descendants, in which case you’ll definitely what to consult someone who regularly works with the dead, and has some influence in that area, to neutralize the situation.

Just some thoughts to have in mind….