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Divination 101 Class

So the Divination 101 Class is now available.

What you will need for class

Pen + Paper

Class will cover the Theory and Practice of Divination, tips and hints for understanding signs, omens and symbols; as well as a break down of basic cartomancy divination, nephomancy, and teng wa divination. Classes will be held on Google Hang Out. Classes will be 2 to 3 people per class, to give everyone a chance to ask questions and get the most out of the situation.

If you’d like to take the class solo, for one on one instruction, the fee will be $150 and can be done over Skype for solo classes.

The class will last an hour. However, if necessary, can run over to give everyone enough time to have their questions answered regarding the material presented.

Class time: This will vary depending on the individuals. As stated, 2 to 3 people per class, so I will get with each of you so we can work out a proper schedule.

If you’d like to take the class, Paypal your class fee to
Be sure you have a Google Account for Google Hang out for group classes; or Skype for solo class.
Once I’ve received your class fee, I will get with you on scheduling.

keenpictureThe format for getting a reading has changed folks, so check out the Readings tab at the top of the page

Since we started Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou I’ve become booked up quite quickly, most of the time two to three weeks in advance.

I only have so much time set aside for consultations, readings, etc. for folks from the internet, as I have to focus on my local long time clientele as well. So for those of you who can’t wait and need to speak to me now, either for a reading or consultation, check out my Call Button (on the readings page, and attached at the bottom of this post) to see if I’m on Keen, where I can be reached instantly. I’ll try to square in an hour or so every other day at least, for those of you with emergency situations.

For new callers, the first 3 minutes are free, and then it’s set up as $1.00 a minute afterwards – short call, or long call, it’s up to you. So if you need me now, check for the call button to be active. If you’re new to keen and call me, email me afterwards at for a free consultation. Just include your keen name in the email, so I can verify you called.

Black Cat Bone Divination

I thought I’d share a photograph showing a casting of my black cat bones for divination purposes. As far as I know, I’m the only person in my area who reads black cat bones, and I don’t know anyone on the internet who does – I’ve seen some folks mention the use of a bone or two in a set of pebbles, bones, stones, shells, etc.; but far as I’ve heard, I’m the only person who strictly reads with the a set that is entirely composed of black cat bones.

By using the cat bones, I can consult ancestral spirits for advice on situations, what type of works should be performed (if any) for specific situations, determine if a person has a hex or some supernatural influence upon them, etc. etc.

Black Cats have a lot of power in their bones, and make for marvelous divination tools. This particular set was prepared in a specific way, and the skull of the cat was specially prepared and placed in a particular spot on my ancestral altar, so that the cat can deliver messages from the ancestral spirits by relaying them through the bones.

I provide readings with the bones upon request, which includes a photograph report of the reading. Those of you interested can contact me through my consultation page.


I was made aware of a couple of errors in my Cartomancy book; so I’ve re-done it, and it’s once again available here: