Dreaming of Snakes is always an important Omen in Hoodoo. Most often in Hoodoo thought, the snake represents an enemy. If you dream of snakes, and the snakes bite you and overcome you; it’s an omen that your enemies are working against you and will defeat you. If you dream of snakes, and you kill them; it’s a portend of you defeating your enemies.

Now, there’s a special snake in dreams, as well as in normal Hoodoo life, and that’s the graveyard snake. Graveyard snakes are thought of as either the Devil himself, a demon, or the Devil’s special pet. If you dream of a graveyard snake, it’s a sure sign that the Devil is present in your life, and that ain’t a good thing.


To see a snake cross your path is an ill omen. Some of the old folks said that if the snake was running from left to right, it was a sign of evil coming into you life; if you saw the snake going from right to left, the evil was leaving. And to confuse matters even more, some of the old folks said it was just the opposite. I didn’t get much experience from it, because in my childhood, if my Momma saw a snake crossing the road, she’d speed up and run him over, back up over him, run him over, over and over until the serpent was just a grease stain on the road.

Never kill a graveyard snake, or you’ll not be able to cross folks, or the Devil himself will cross you; either way, it ain’t a good thing.

To find a snake skin is good luck….

Yep, snakes sure are powerful beings.