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Uncrossing Wash

Keeping our doorsteps clean is really important in spiritual work. Often people only cleanse themselves, neglecting their environment, let alone setting up some sort of protection to keep problems from returning right after the cleanse. I’ve discussed some of this in my videos.

One aspect that is often neglected now a days, but was once very common was scrubbing the doorsteps. This was especially important in areas where conjure was very prevalent and you never knew who might have dusted your doorsteps.

Here’s a wash that I’m sharing, that I hope will be of help to some of you

Mix in a bucket of water the following

12 Teaspoons of ammonia – for each of the 12 apostles

3 Pinches of Salt for the Holy Trinity

Garlic Powder – easily available in the spice section of your local grocery store.


Mix this thoroughly with whatever prayers or psalms are your favorite for uncrossing.

I personally also sprinkle powdered brick dust first, then use my scrub brush with this liquid to give the doorsteps a good scrub. You’ll want to skip this recipe if your doorsteps are wood, as the ammonia and salt will eat off varnish or paint (depending on how diluted the wash). Where I’m from, most doorsteps are concrete so this isn’t an issue.

After I’ve given it all a good scrub, I then pour the remaining liquid onto my doorsteps and let the concrete soak it up. This gives some protection, and also removes any bad luck that has found it’s way to your door.


Good Luck Wash

Here’s a recipe that I’ve used to sprinkle around the house, scrub doorsteps; and spray down my walls; as well as wash my hands to draw in good luck.



1 ounce of lavender

2 bushels of rosemary

a handful of salt.


Boil the rosemary and lavender for about 10 minutes; then take it off the fire and sprinkle in the salt in the form of a cross, while praying your intentions into the wash in the name of the Trinity.


Not for internal use; don’t drink that shit.

Hot Foot Powder

I thought I’d share one of the many recipes for Hot Foot Powder. Hell, I personally use three different recipes myself; and each group seems to have their own twist on it.

In Texas, I’ve heard of folks adding tumbleweed to it, which makes a lot of sense to me.

Here in Arkansas, a tumbleweed is what we call a Wal-Mart plastic bag, since so many are blowing all over hell.


Basically what you need is some cayenne pepper, black pepper, sulfur, gun powder, and salt.

I don’t really measure out ingredients, as I go by sight (it’s how I learned to cook and what not; we weren’t much for measurin’) – but I do always use more cayenne, to give the powder a more red color.

If you’re gonna be grinding this stuff up; please wear a mask, as the ingredients can be caustic. And keep it away from fire – the shit’s flammable.

All the media cover of Hurricane Irene got me thinking….

Whenever we get a cyclone here, I always make sure to get some of the water from the storm, which I often add to war water recipes.

So, for you folks who deal with hurricanes a lot, you might want to try and snag some of the water from it – drain the birdbaths or what not – you know, be creative.

Imagine the kick your war water would have? Hell, throw that shit at a house and that’d definitely make hell in the camp.

On a positive note, you know – Hurricane Water would be good for breaking down barriers in your life – a little vial of that shit could be good for a road opening mojo, harnessing the power of that hurricane to blast through blocked roads.


Just some ideas.