I thought I’d share one of the many recipes for Hot Foot Powder. Hell, I personally use three different recipes myself; and each group seems to have their own twist on it.

In Texas, I’ve heard of folks adding tumbleweed to it, which makes a lot of sense to me.

Here in Arkansas, a tumbleweed is what we call a Wal-Mart plastic bag, since so many are blowing all over hell.


Basically what you need is some cayenne pepper, black pepper, sulfur, gun powder, and salt.

I don’t really measure out ingredients, as I go by sight (it’s how I learned to cook and what not; we weren’t much for measurin’) – but I do always use more cayenne, to give the powder a more red color.

If you’re gonna be grinding this stuff up; please wear a mask, as the ingredients can be caustic. And keep it away from fire – the shit’s flammable.