The Hag is either an old woman who can remove her skin and go out and ride people, or the ghost who may have been a hag in life.

Today, many folks call the Hag phenomenon “night terrors” and never put much stock into it. Some of them medical doctors say it’s all psychological, or bad circulation, or whatever new fangled excuse they can think of to explain what they just cain’t understand.

They say Hags perch on the bedpost like buzzards, which is why back when the old folks were around, they’d often saw off the bedposts so the Hag couldn’t perch. Well, my ole lady had a Hag riddin’ problem once a  piece back, and I sure as shit wasn’t gonna cut my pretty little bed posts up over a hag….

So what I did, I had me some Holy Salt a priest had blessed and sprinkled it all over the damn bed, and throw holy water everywhere. My ole lady was cussin’ up a storm for a week because her bed was full of salt, but she didn’t have hag trouble anymore.

Another thing you can do is get a bowl and cut up some onions and throw them in the bowl with some blueing, mustard seed, and needles. Stick that bowl under your bed and the smell will ward off the Hag. Think of it like citronella candles to mosquitoes.

That, or you could track her down, find her skin, and salt it – assuming the Hag that’s pestering you is a living one….and not a haint.