The idea of witches in Hoodoo is vastly different from the idea of witches in the modern magical community. In Hoodoo, a Witch is something totally different, and even combines some of the aspects of the “Hag” so common in other Hoodoo lore.

In Hoodoo, Witches can remove their skin like the Hag, and fly out and ride people, but the Witches also have other mysterious powers. They’re said to be able to go inside of snakes, alligators, and other creatures in order to kill people. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re supposed to be able to squeeze through keyholes and the smallest of cracks in the walls and floor.

Obviously, the Witches of Hoodoo are something totally different from your average Wiccan. Some folks can’t even really decide if the Witches are flesh and blood creatures, spirits, or both! There is an idea that the Witches start out as flesh and blood creatures, but after death, continue on being witches.

Regardless of what they are, the Witches bring bad luck, sickness, and death whenever they’re around. So, like any good Hoodoo, when bad luck’s around, and we can’t determine the cause; or if we’re about to set ourselves out on an important task, we always feed the witches.

What do witches eat? Well, in the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” – the “voodoo priestess” (root doctor/hoodoo woman) “Minerva” (who’s real name was Valerie Boles), put it the best – “witches is mostly old folks, and they don’t care for no low-cal”

Valerie Boles always put the food on a big paper plate and stuck a fork right in the center and put it under a tree. So, here are some ideas of things to cook for the witches, the higher calorie, the better:

Greens – turnip, mustard, poke, any of that

Hog Jowl

Blackeyed Peas

Fried Chicken

Corn Bread


Deviled Eggs

Fried Cabbage

Hoppin’ John




You get the idea. And make sure when you’re cooking your greens – don’t forget the bacon fat and all the heart clogging goodness you can muster into the recipe.


Feed the Witches folks – it’s much easier to bribe the things that go bump in the night, than to piss’em off.