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St. Jude, pray for usSt. Jude is one of the easiest saints to deal with.

He ain’t picky

He don’t bitch

And He sure don’t ask for much.

I thought I’d share one of my general “money-drawing” practices that has always helped me.

What you do is get you a plate, a green candle, some basil, a cup of water, a piece of paper and pen, and some money oil.

Take that candle and put it on the middle of the plate. Before y’all ask, you can use a taper, it ain’t gotta be a 7 day candle.

Anyhow, you put that candle in the middle of that plate, and set it before St. Jude, and the cup of water beside him.

Next thing you do is write your name down 7 times on a piece of paper, and then wrote “BRING ME MONEY” across your names 5 times. You stick this paper under St. Jude’s image, whether it’s a picture or a statue.

Now first I always talk to the Lord. There ain’t no mojo without Sweet Lord Jesus. Always talk to the Lord first – before you do anything, you talk to the Lord.

I then pray my psalms –

114 is a good one to pray if’ you need help drawin’ in the customers;

57 is one for drawing in good fortune; and I usually pray this one too

4 is for good luck

Pray psalm 8 if you do a lot of business transactions

96 & 97 is good to pray for you and your family

But no matter what psalms I pray, I always end in the 23rd psalm.

During the 23rd Psalm, when the psalm mentions “you anoint my head with oil” – I anoint my head, St. Jude’s head, and the candle, with the money oil. I got a special recipe I use, but I reckon you folks can use whatever one you got handy.

After my psalms, then I pray to St. Jude. When I’m praying to him, I’ll sprinkle the basil around clockwise on the plate, cause St. Jude loves basil. After that’s done, I light the candle with a final prayer to St. Jude -“St. Jude, I give you my light.”

Remembering that St. Jude loves the smell of basil, you can put a basil plant on his altar, anoint his statue with basil oil, or take a bath in basil before praying to him.

Hope you folks find some use in this, and let me know how it works for you.