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One Decade Rosaries

onedecaderosariesThese one decade rosaries are made from Job’s Tear seeds.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta often used a rosary of Job’s tears; and there is a folk belief that a rosary made of these beads is more efficacious for the answering of prayers.

These come as simple one-decade rosaries, or as one-decade rosary bracelets. Should you wish one as a bracelet, contact me with your wrist side in inches, so I can give the appropriate length of chain, etc. for you to be able to wear it.

Various saint medals are available to be added, if you have a preference, email me and check for availability. If you have no preference in particular or wish for one to be chosen for you, I will determine which medal to attach, through prayer, for your benefit. If you have a particular problem, I can attach a medal of a saint who serves as patron of that particular problem.

All these rosaries will be touched to a relic of St. Martin de Porres, St. Anthony of Padua, a relic from the grave of Marie Laveau, and a relic from the grave of Dr. Jim Jordan.

A donation of $10 dollars is requested. Paypal to drcorbeaux@gmail.com

In the notes section, state where you want it in bracelet form (and size of wrist in inches) or if you want it in simple decade form.