Some individuals wish to remain anonymous, in which case I will be posting their testimonials from here, to assure their anonymity. Those of you who don’t wish to be anonymous, may post your testimonial as a reply to this page.




“Thank you for your wisdom. It is unusual for someone so young to have the knowledge and the credentials of background materials, and studies at such a young age. This is a calling and you have it. Your the REAL deal!

I have been a Espiritista for many, many years. You could be my son, actually. Our religion, is taking new forms everyday, we learn new things, and new meanings for what we do, and HOW we are doing them.

Some are mysteries which NO ONE knows and we are not suppose to know.

As we had spoken many times in the past, the public needs to be careful of the CHARLATAN, who pretend to know what they are doing… They are only Wanna bees!

I feel sorry for these ignorant people – they may steal good peoples money, but, they will cry tears of Blood in the end. Just leave it to GOD, he knows what to do with them.

Thanks for being True to the Spirits and the Merits, and for standing up for who YOU are!  You are a BLESSED Man.

The Truth always prevails….that can never be hidden. If people are looking for truth,they need to ask questions…… its like going to a Medical doctor, if you need brain surgery…the foot doctor CAN NOT help you. COMMON SENSE.

Good luck and much success, you deserve it.”

Espiritista from Pennsylvania