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Splittin’ Heads

The first client I ever remember having paid me to put a root on his brother. Nothing major, just a little something. So I sewed up a little black bag, put in some cemetery dirt, and held 3 chili peppers in my mouth and prayed with the same three for three days, and stuck them in the bag. I put the bag together and gave him a dressed black candle and told him to put the bag in his brother’s pillow and to burn the candle for three nights while his brother was asleep.

We were all in school then, and his brother was out for about a week. He has such splitting migraines he couldn’t walk. He kept the curtains drawn in his room, complaining that the sunlight made it worse. I never seen such a big ole panty waste in all my life, bitchin’ about a headache.

Anyhow, that’s how I did it. It was mean, spiteful, and I only got 5 dollars for putting the fellow out of commission.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I got a feller who asked me what my first experience with clients was like. This was it.