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A few love spells

St. Anthony – calling Dr. Love

A lot of folks are always hoopin’ and hollerin’ about St. Anthony helping them find lost objects and what not, but nobody considers him helping to find lost people. The folks that do consider the lost people are considering missing persons more than other things, but there’s another type of lost people. And that’s the lost people from relationships. St. Anthony can bring back a lost love faster than grease lightning.

The thing about St. Anthony is, he was a gentle man; and if you went and screwed up by being a mean ole shit to your ole lady; or if you were off cuttin’ a little rug (and I sure don’t mean dancing) with another man (which means, all you ex-girlfriends of mine don’t have a chance in hell), don’t expect St. Anthony to come rushing to help your ass. You made your bed.

Anyhow, here’s a few tips on what you can do to call on St. Anthony’s help.

Get a statue of St. Anthony and have a Catholic Priest bless it.

Take that statue, and a picture of the lost love. Write the full birth name (and any other names she’s had or went by) on the back, and the birth date. Below this write. “St. Anthony, bring him/her back to me” and tie this picture to St. Anthony with brown ribbon.

Now get a plate and stand St. Anthony in the center, and cover the whole plate in brown sugar. Now turn the plate so that St. Anthony faces the direction of where the lost love is (ex. if they live 25 miles east of you, turn him so he’s facing east.)

Each day, soon as you wake up go sprinkle the plate and St. Anthony with some holy water, as well as at 3:00pm, and before you go to sleep. At 3:00pm you’ll also light a single brown candle to St. Anthony after the sprinkling and pray for him to return the lost love to you.

Once your lover is back, dissolve the brown sugar in a jar of water, with any of the left over wax, and put the picture of the lost love into the jar, cap it; and bury it by your doorstep so they’ll not leave you again. If you move, you have to bring the jar with you and rebury it. And one more thing, you have to remember St. Anthony and honor him all the days of your life for helping you.