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keenpictureThe format for getting a reading has changed folks, so check out the Readings tab at the top of the page

Since we started Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou I’ve become booked up quite quickly, most of the time two to three weeks in advance.

I only have so much time set aside for consultations, readings, etc. for folks from the internet, as I have to focus on my local long time clientele as well. So for those of you who can’t wait and need to speak to me now, either for a reading or consultation, check out my Call Button (on the readings page, and attached at the bottom of this post) to see if I’m on Keen, where I can be reached instantly. I’ll try to square in an hour or so every other day at least, for those of you with emergency situations.

For new callers, the first 3 minutes are free, and then it’s set up as $1.00 a minute afterwards – short call, or long call, it’s up to you. So if you need me now, check for the call button to be active. If you’re new to keen and call me, email me afterwards at drcorbeaux@gmail.com for a free consultation. Just include your keen name in the email, so I can verify you called.

One Decade Rosaries

onedecaderosariesThese one decade rosaries are made from Job’s Tear seeds.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta often used a rosary of Job’s tears; and there is a folk belief that a rosary made of these beads is more efficacious for the answering of prayers.

These come as simple one-decade rosaries, or as one-decade rosary bracelets. Should you wish one as a bracelet, contact me with your wrist side in inches, so I can give the appropriate length of chain, etc. for you to be able to wear it.

Various saint medals are available to be added, if you have a preference, email me and check for availability. If you have no preference in particular or wish for one to be chosen for you, I will determine which medal to attach, through prayer, for your benefit. If you have a particular problem, I can attach a medal of a saint who serves as patron of that particular problem.

All these rosaries will be touched to a relic of St. Martin de Porres, St. Anthony of Padua, a relic from the grave of Marie Laveau, and a relic from the grave of Dr. Jim Jordan.

A donation of $10 dollars is requested. Paypal to drcorbeaux@gmail.com

In the notes section, state where you want it in bracelet form (and size of wrist in inches) or if you want it in simple decade form.



Santisima Muerte statues: $10 dollars a piece, or $25 for a set of 3 + 3 dollars shipping and handling

Santisima Muerte necklaces: $10 dollars + 3 dollars shipping and handling

San Simon Book: $5 dollars + $3 shipping and handling.